my name is alex and i have galaxies growing inside of me.

lost-in-my-lonley-neverland asked: hey your beautiful and i love you stay strong lovely :)

thank you, i love you too

Anonymous asked: What does "I have galaxies growing inside me" mean

whatever you want it to mean 

Anonymous asked: do you have a favorite parent?

no i love them both equally but if im completely honest i don’t get on with either of them too well. i’d say i argue with both of them on different occasions once a day. and they’re at work until six so i only really see them for 3 hours before i go up to my room lmaoo 

Anonymous asked: How old are you?


Anonymous asked: ILY 2 alex but we can only be friiends. stay beutiful and I will talk to you tomorrow

i still want u to come off anon though, okay dear 

Anonymous asked: This guy and I have had a thing for a while, just over a month. But for some of that time he had a girlfriend. It started when we hooked up at a party, both really drunk. His relationship recently ended and we spend so much time together, I really like him but I'm kind of scared to keep it going, I don't want to get hurt again, what would you do? (He makes me happy and stopped me cutting for an extra month)

well if you both like eachother i think you should go for it tbh i know you’re scared of getting hurt but sometimes you have to face your fears and who knows it might be the best decision you make