my name is alex and i have galaxies growing inside of me.


I want someone that I can tell about the book my mother read to me when I was 5 that taught me compassion and that everyone is special.. maybe even me

I want someone who I can tell about the song I have sang since I was 7 when I needed to sleep but I didnt think I could

I want someone I can tell about how sometimes when people leave they break me and I am scared I will never be whole again

I want someone who will hold me when my tears are a never ending river of the pain I have been caused by everyone around me

I want someone who will be there when the nightmares tear my soul from the inside out again tonight

I want someone who will still love me when my head is a mess of vodka and countless pills again and my arm is an unrelenting river of scarlet red

Just for once.. I want someone to stay.

— 2am. Alone. (via l0singfaithinme)
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